Peter Wilson


Linkedin works best for b2b leads. In this section i'll show you one of the best way to generate leads from linkedin.

  • Optimize your linkedin profile :- You should list your skills and expertise your linkedin profile when people are looking to buy product/services they might just see your profile. A good view of your profile might just help you to generate few leads.
  • Keep active your company page :- We just realized that how importance of company page as a community. Company pages also serve as a medium where existing customers can come and ask for support. One we have a good number of followers. We can attract our existing customers by special offers and discounts.
  • Create linkedin Groups :- When you make your own gathering. At that point many people join your groups then messaging group members, offering free conferences for group members.
  • Be patience :- Just accept the fact. Be patience at one time linkedin always gives to you better ROI but stay away from Linkedin Myths like linkedin is only for Consultancy, linkedin is for HR” or people come on linkedin for finding new jobs at one time you’ll definitely ask yourself that linkedin gives you manything in terms of B2B Leads.
  • Be Educational, Not Promotional :- Make sure all content you share in linkedin groups serves to educate its members. Many groups I see that they just share promotional post you need to ensure that content you’re sharing is valuable to the group.